Shenzhen landslide disaster has two wounded discharged part of the enterprise off-site workers

Landslide disaster loss of 75 staff

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Nanjing snack shop early morning explosion caused 22 people were slightly injured

No staff were found dead at the scene

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Jiangxi, an Audi car out of the roadbed flying 90 meters to 5 dead 3 injured (Figure)

An Audi Q5 car from the high road station before the road to the east of the road

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Texas, Texas, a pair of father and son in the French terrorist attacks killed (Figure)

A pair of father and son of Texas was confirmed to have been killed in this attack

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Lin Yi was elected Mayor of Zhejiang Yiwu served as secretary of the Party committee

The newly elected Mayor of Yiwu Lin Yi in the Constitution oath March 4 afternoon

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Men set up black radio cycle to put pornographic content to sell fake medicine into 100,000

Law enforcement officers seized the black radio equipment hiding the residential building

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Ma Kai: requires the scientific and orderly manner to carry out hull operations

These provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of the hull and the search and rescue work

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Harbin suffering from encephalopathy newborn baby was abandoned cemetery covered with ants

Several green workers in the Huangshan Cemetery in the city of Harbin found an abandoned baby girl

Tea 2015-07-24 09:59:36.0 Read(1513)

Ministry of Education: is strictly prohibited primary and secondary school organizations, students are required to participate in paid remedial classes

Recently, the Ministry of Education has issued a "no restrictions on primary and secondary schools and serving primary and secondary school teachers to make remedial provisions"

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Foreign media: the United States and Japan in the Bay of Benga held joint maritime exercise

Indian Navy sent a submarine, surface ships and maritime reconnaissance aircraft to participate in the Malabar (Malabar) military exercise

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Indonesian airport guards suspected of rape Chinese women's embassy asked to thoroughly investigate the case

Embassy negotiations strongly urge Indonesia to thoroughly investigate the case punish criminals Chinese Embassy in Indonesia third secretary Bai Lingyan told this reporter

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Car parked roadside impact jump square dance uncle mother car "ultimatum"

Uncle aunt to remind the owner not to stop in this parking uncle aunt to remind the owners do not stop in this map network news (reporter Qiu Yanbo text / map) well known

Tea 2017-03-27 08:39:31.0 Read(2393)

An overview of 2015 US UAV development

Mattermark released a research report on the start-up company in the US UAV field by 2015

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Men's rental house "flash mine" and other fake firecrackers 100 boxes were arrested

Xingjue police station found a illegal storage of fireworks and firecrackers

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Li Keqiang inspected the General Administration of Industry and Commerce stressed the creation of a good environment for public entrepreneurship

Li Keqiang listened to the reform of the commercial system and the growth of new enterprises, especially small micro enterprises

Tea 2015-03-22 06:57:00.0 Read(3553)

Xinjiang Yili border police cracked seven consecutive theft theft captured five people

Xinjiang Yili border detachment Huocheng border police station arrested in one fell swoop arrested seven cases of burglary criminal gangs

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Jining resigned Mayor Mei Yonghong as the head of the National Gene Bank in Shenzhen

Former Shandong Jining Municipal Committee, Mayor Mei Yonghong will join the big gene

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Taipei City House decorating reserve of nearly 70 million yuan to grant good money

But the Bureau set up budgeting

Tea 2015-09-22 08:12:00.0 Read(4150)

Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission ordered Hannover to stop trading of stocks

Has conducted investigation on Hannover Thin Film Power Generation

Tea 2015-07-15 05:09:06.0 Read(1304)
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