United States, California, a community college shooting incident caused by one or two injuries

United States, California, a community college campus shooting incident
San Francisco, 3 September (Reuters) - On the afternoon of March 3, a shooting incident in a California-based university campus resulted in one death and two injuries. The police are trying to search the gunmen. According to Fox and NBC reports, the incident occurred in the California state government seat in Sacramento City. The police said to the media, about 4 pm, a man took out a semi-automatic pistol shot, killing one person immediately died, two people were injured. One of them was taken to the University of California, Davis School of Medicine for treatment, the other one was mildly bruised. The above three victims are male. The police temporarily do not know whether the gunmen and the victims of the school students. The police used a helicopter to search for escape gunmen. NBC said the police described the gunmen for the Pacific Island nationals, wearing Kabu cloth trousers, and white T-shirts. After the incident, the campus closed, the police in each campus building one by one investigation, the evening course all canceled. The incident is located in the corner of the campus parking lot, close to the street shops and restaurants. Living in the street opposite the residents Jie Ji? Flores told the television station that she had heard at least 4 to 5 shots, and everything happened too fast. The school a student Las "I was almost scared to death," he said to the television station. "But I and my classmates try to keep calm." The school should be a safe place and I really do not want to be scared. " Two-year community college, about 25,000 students, opened on August 22.

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